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Dmitry Paranyushkin

Dr. Dmitry

Dmitry Paranyushkin is a venture fiction entrepreneur in the field of polysingularity. Each venture is an autonomous dynamic networked connectivity, which has multiple non-equilibrium stable solutions defining its essence.

In his work and life Dmitry uses the framework network analysis, finding ways how it can be used to enhance our understanding of the body, cognitive processes, and social phenomena. He combines comprehensive research with an ongoing arts practice, creating texts, social interactive situations, businesses, images, and live performances that span across different disciplines and fields in order to explore the expressions of life in their multiplicity.

Among the ventures that Dmitry created are WayToRussia.Net travel guide to Russia visited by 1.5 Mln people every year, an online mnemonic network for sharing knowledge ThisIsLike.Com, network research consultancy Nodus Labs, live art performance project Dmitriego Paragullo, church without ideology Transnomia, and PLAYBerlin.Com event series that explore various strategies of bringing people together in sync around the music and performance art contexts.