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Barbara Hallama


I started working in the music – biz in the very early 90ies in Munich where I built the booking agency around the Label Disko B and the Club Ultraschall.http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraschall_%28Club%29 (Artists: DJ Hell, Blake Baxter, Abe Duque and many more). Parallel I startet DJing. Style: Garage, little bit of Techno but decided to play “Freestyle” very early as I got bored of playing the same kind of music all night long. I also played a lot of gigs all over Europe along all the big names at this time. Even Tony Humphries, Jeff Mills, Colin Faver. In Clubs like Tresor Berlin, E-Werk Berlin, Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, Vienna, Italy, small and big Festivals etc…

In ’96 a major label called and I moved to Hamburg to promote great artists like: Goldie, Roni Size, Money Mark, Portishead etc… Parallel I had a weekly residency at Club Tempelhof, where I played my “Freestyle” program. Of course way too early, so after 1 year it was done. After my experience with a Major Label I did some freelance jobs till the next milestone in my live started: Press Speaker Assistant of the Loveparade ’99 in Berlin. I moved to Berlin, worked for the Sonar Kollektiv (Label collective of Jazzanova) until a friend of mine hired me to help him setting up the Software Startup go_Disko*. I was really happy there but one day I received a mail from iTunes, where they offered me the Job as “Head of Editorial” for the German iTunes store. I started working there right after they opened in Germany – in a team of 2 people – for the next 3,5 years. Great Time it was!

After this great experience I was totally focussed on the topic “future of things.. ” and changed after some nice little jobs for BPitch Control, Puppetmastaz etc..from the music biz to the online biz. Cause at this time every cool new thing was / is forbidden by law in Germany. I organized the re:publica 09 (started 6 weeks before and put all strings together) and now I’m an Online Project Manager, have my 2 own blogs, still do DJing and diggin music. I’m very curious about new strategies, recommendation systems, apps and have a dream of an aggregated platform with something like a semantic search, where you can find everything about your fave artist, movie etc.. Where you can listen for free, pay for a download or even pay per stream. All in one platform. Since 2 years I’m a paying Spotify customer. Started in Sept. 2007 using Soundcloud for my DJ mixes. All my 23 Mixes have been played 15.000 times, downloaded 3.100 times, in 107 countries since than. I dig music all through the internet, get recommendations from my social network, share my findings and pay wherever I can pay. I’m a very proud owner of 15.000 Vinyls and have around 160 GB well sorted music on my hard drive.

–> My philosophy: Sharing means caring – knowledge is growing when its shared.