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AOS – Art is Open Source



Art is Open Source is the artistic duo composed by Salvatore Iaconesi (aka xDxD.vs.xDxD) and Oriana Persico (aka penelope.di.pixel)

Salvatore and Oriana have used several identities over the years to create and perform engaging, planetary actions which have interconnected arts, sciences, research, humanities, politics, activism into global performances  that have raised awareness and attention to critical aspects of our time.

Teaching in universities, creating artificial intelligences and intercative  systems, enacting global performances which cross media, cities, bodies and  the practices of our daily lives are just some of the tools that have been used by Salvatore and Oriana to suggest drastically reinvented scenarios which make us systematically re-think our ordinary world from scratch, imagining new possibilities for arts, business, sciences and politics.

Salvatore and Oriana have exhibited in multiple festivals, events and¬†museums all over the world, they regularly attend and contribute to the international scientific community through teaching, publication and¬†conferences, they perform radical actions in various parts of the globe and¬†happily live their personal revolution every day, by living what they call “a¬†continuous state of workshop”, promoting knowledge sharing and¬†dissemination, freedoms of expression and a collaborative view on the world.