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Urban Media Lounge | Roundtables

Following up the afternoon programme of the Urban Media Lounge, selected experts from the field of urban media will in an open setting host one of several roundtables to discuss related topics, questions and projects with their guests, the audience of re:publica. The lounge will be kicked-off with the presentation of considerable cases like the project Living Cities (initiator: AOS, Art is Open Source), the project European Urban Media Network for Connecting Cities, a research on three visions for the city of the future: the Participatory City, analysing the communicative potential for community-building through urban media, the Visible City fostering a city that is intelligent, efficient and sustainable and the Networked City. (initiator: Public Art Lab, 2012 – 2016) The Lounge will also host the launch of the publication Urban Media Cultures (release: April 2012, avedition).

· Susa Pop, Public Art Lab. “European Urban Media Network for Connecting Cities. From temporary artistic interventions to a sustainable urban media planning.”
· Sibylle Kubale, Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg. “European programmes for living cities”
· Julian Oliver. “Network topologies as political control toplogies. Case: Newstweek.”
· Khaldoun Al Agha, ECT ICT Lab. “The Citizen Centric model within the Digital Cities: The eco-System”
· Oriana Persico & Salvatore Iaconesi, AOS.

Organised with the kind support of Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg.