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The Piper at the Gates of Italy: open data challenge and cultural heritage

Recent events that have affected some of the major national archaeological sites in Italy impose a reflection on the role of cultural heritage and its protection, the benefit of future generations (if not for the current ones already). The considerable quantity of archaeological, historical, artistic, ethno-anthropological heritage has always been a limit to the actual conditions of protection that legislation – and common sense – dictate. Contemporary technologies, especially digital ones, and the development of systems that allow the free dissemination of data may be an opportunity for the leap in quality that the public requires from a long time.

Our app aims to focus on all critical information about the national cultural heritage. It allows you to locate a critical event (a. e. monuments unsafe, illegal digging activity, degradation in archaeological sites)-aware and it will automatically be reported to the competent authority with the ability to add a visual document.

The data, provided under license Creative Commons BY-SA, will be moderated and made available on the portal within a map. Unlike other applications, user does not create new data but adds his analysis documented in an already defined context (a. e. the archaeological site is already known and identified by the regional database). In addition, portal and app use OpenStreetMap, collaborative project licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA.

The project has the support and contribution of the Italian National Association of Archaeologists and the International Research Center for Environment and Cultural Heritage.