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Networks, Knowledge, Power

The question, how to know and what to know has always been debated. Network technologies, however, raise a whole new set of issues. The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss the changes in knowledge production, consumption and management. As an introduction I will briefly present a preliminary framework for a research project on collaborative knowledge production and the resulting structures of power. at thecore, however, is the discussion among the participants in order to enable exhange, critique and the development of new ideas. The aim of the session is to bring together people working on forms of knowledge production, management and consumption in order to discuss, how knowledge might be changing, which new forms of knowledge production are most relevant (and exciting) what their limitations are and how they reflect, enable and change power relations.

Possible questions are:
Where is the power in collaboratively produced knowledge? Do algorithms produce knowledge? If so, where is the power there? What forms of knowledge are worth distinguishing? Why?…..