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Don’t forget the bassline!

In last about 3 years we obsessively talk about social networks, as well as written and hyperlinked forms of communication when discussing activism and actions for change. But that’s only one – important – part of the overall communication spectrum.

In this session, Andrea Goetzke and Marek Tuszynski will explore the role of music as a motivating force, as a form of communication, as the soundtrack of our activities – that brings up emotions, feelings, shares stories and often acts as invisible but sound platform connecting main actors of change. Music creates meaning – from tunes in the Arab revolutions to songs helping us define who we are. Music makes people connect around certain issues and creates shared memories. By accident or as a planned activity, a song can become special to a particular social change.

How important is music as part of the overall communication spectrum? Should we look more into other forms of communication than text and pictures, when thinking about change and actions (both in creating and analyzing actions)? Where is music manipulating, where empowering?

Andrea and Marek will dig into the ground at the spot where music and activism meet, in various countries and cultures around the world. Some of the music files they’ll talk about are being shared via digital social networks, and some live very much in the live time, space and occasion.

You will hear lots of different music samples in this session, combined with the stories behind them. There will be some interviews as well. Particularly, you will hear music that is or has been very important to certain people around the world.