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re:publica square

After passing through the main entrance of the STATION you’ll enter our re:publica square – the heart of #rp12. Here you’ll be able accreditate yourselves, gain access to all the different halls and our purpose built #rp12 re:staurant (2 – 3 May until 22:00, 4 May until 20:00) – in the menu you will find f. ex. Yellow fish curry with ginger and chillies – served with basmati rice or Mozzarella salad with avocado, romaine lettuce, papaya and walnuts.

Here you’ll also find our info stands, the event programme schedule, as well as the booths of our event partners who will be happy to meet-and-greet you. Use the re:publica square to register for workshops which we’ve mentioned already. In other words: the ACT!ON starts here.

A short ACT!ON selection:

improve your improvisation

We all improvise, everyday – from small talk with colleagues, during rush hour, or in the kitchen when the shopping bags do not match the list you made. Similarly, the improv theatre does away with scripts, set scenes and still, small and fun stories emerge. The Berliner Improbanden will show you how this can work and promise lots of fun.

Even outside of the set workshops, the improv troupe will help us to be more spontaneous through many little ACT!ONs during the days. You might hear someone make a nonsensical speech, then shout “MÖP”, then insist on the opposite of what he has just said. Or you might be randomly approach with a conversation – just join in, you can’t get it wrong: the only rules that exist are meant to be broken.


  • Workshop: every day from 17:00
  • Wednesday 2 May, on demand also in English
  • beginners are very welcome
  • no registration necessary: just show up at 17:00 (at the seating area/re:publica square – or, if it’s nice weather, in the STATION courtyard)

Parkour is a way of life

Parkour is a coming together of urban climbing and dancing with the streets. Barriers, be they walls, fences, or trees, are conquered. Traceure, the word parkour athletes use for themselves, see this form of elegant movement more as a way of life than as a sport.

Their principles are creativity, respect, honesty, determination, and humility – and yet, parkour has made a considerable name for itself. Many fans around the world carry this philosophy, established in France, with them. Traceures can sharpen our senses, offer fund and exercise – even special police force in Cologne is trained in parkour. Why? Find out in this workshop.


  • workshop: Thursday 3 May at 15:00 and 16:00
  • registration: 2 May at the info-point
  • more infos: PARKOUR ONE BERLIN

The Twitter symphony

#tweetscapes will create its own symphony using the date from German Twitter-streams – in real time and around the clock. Get a taste of how that looks and sounds at tweetscapes.de. Conversation themes are made audible, the rhythm of online-dialog moves from the screen to your ears. #tweetscape uses sonifikation technology but inherently remains an art project, an interactive composition, live interpreted by German Twitter users – and #rp visitors. On Wednesay, the creator of the project will present their work on the main stage as an interactive presentation and sound installation.


  • presentation and sound installation: Wednesday 2 May re:publica square
  • moderated tweetscaoes session: Wednesday 2 May 18:15 to 18:40 Stage 1.
  • more infos on the tweetscapes website


We learn much better when we play and what better to play with than the numerous toy with a net connection? The edunauten develop mobile games which you can explore at #rp12. For example, “Location Based Gaming” an app solves a puzzle which can be only be solved at that location. You take picture, scan codes, find geocaches, or answer questions. It’s every man for himself and against the clock. Constant communication via the chat room and the following of other teams via an integrated map make the game an interactive and exciting team event.

Every day, from 10:00 – 19:00, you can go to the edunauten booth and rent iPads to test the iChallenge as an example of a mobile game – alone or in small groups. Also, at 14:00, 16:00, and 18:00 you can join the team events, which pit 9 teams against each other in a frantic match: ACT!ON. Hurry up for registration and click here, participant numbers are limited.

More on mobile gaming in edunauten’s session.

nugg.ad table football tournament

Do you have what it takes to beat the online industry? Test your skills during the table football re:publicup, the first official re:publica table football tournament – everyday at re:publica square. Those who beat the nugg.ad team will be rewarded with free drinks and every match raises money for the myhandicap.de charity.

Sure-shot teams who register in time with nugg.ad can also join the re:publicup K.O. mode on Thursday, 3 May at 18:00.

Become a #rp-DJ!

The Cologne-based start-up musicplayr is our music partner at the re:fill bar – open every day from 13:00 until the start of the evening party events. This means that you are our DJs!

How does this work? Anyone with a song request can enter it at musicplayr and thus determine the music in the re:fill bar. Just follow these steps:

  1. Register at musicplayr via the links: INDIE or ELECTRO
  2. Link a song from YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo or Dailymotion to your Playlist (try and link a good quality version)
  3. Click on the speech-bubble icon
  4. Add a comment to the song with the tag #rp12.

Your song is now in the re:fill bar’s playlist.


Questions on copy right laws, free licences, and how to change the world for the better, have traditionally played an important role at re:publica. So where would be it more appropriate do discuss visions for an open-access collaborative database, a complete image-based acquisition of our cultural heritage, or new forms of knowledge-build. Stand 12 at re:publica square will feature Wikimedia Germany, and be a contact point during the three days on the topics of free knowledge.

The whole Wikimedia programme can be found here as PDF.

Thinking about sustainability

Follow the Deutsche Post DHL’s sustainability day via live stream (3 May). The morning theme “Is capitalism at its end?” (with Klaus Töpfer) and “What effects to demographic changes in Germany on the working world?” In the afternoon: “How can the cooperation between business, politics, and non-profit organisations be improved when aiming for sustainable goals?” Join the discussion at the Deutsche Post booth.

First aid made simple

How to react in dangerous situation will be explained by the Malteser. A special first aid course will be put on for you – register at the Malteser booth. Check out the first aid app which will be presented at #rp12. Know what to do in an emergency!