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Eben Moglen

Prof. Dr. Eben

Eben Moglen is professor of law and history at Columbia University and a supporter of democratic and free society. He believes that all software, which a largely technic-based society needs to exist, should be easily accessible. In his opinion, this is the only way to spread the power among the people.
As a supporter of free software movement, Moglen published the Dot.Communist Manifesto in 2003 and predicted the demise of Microsoft’s monopoly in 2004. Besides his professorship Moglen is senior adviser of theFree Software Foundation and founded the Software Freedom Law Center in 2005.
Last year he applied to the Free Software FOSDEM conference in Brussels in order to present the Freedom Box Project, which contribute to the decentralization of the digital infrastructure and empower every single person to control his own data. We are looking forward to more news and are keen on his talk at the re:publica-track re:invent.
Eben Moglen