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The beauty of interaction

In our everyday living we inhabit complex technological spheres of life that require a novel and more ‘ecological’ understanding of our relationship to technology. New kinds of pervasive sensor-based and embedded technologies entail a very different understanding than traditional user interface design activities.

People are confronted with new demands and increasingly complex technological infrastructures and ecologies. As designers we strive to manage such complexity and to develop systems that seduce our senses. As ordinary people we would like to get rid of such complexity and interact in the digital world with rich interaction possibilities as we do so well in the physical world, using our intuition, motivation and enchantment towards objects.

The challenge is how to exploit this complexity and new possibilities for novel applications and experiences, which are inviting, witty and playful, original and fascinating, and last but not least, improve life and people on an individual or societal basis.

The Aesthetics of Interaction will be the focus of the talk. Design cases will be presented to challenge the approach in different fields of application, from everyday life objects to the health care and rehabilitation domain.