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Financial blogs: emerging from the digital niche?!

Finance and blogs – do they go together? Sober numbers, dry analyses and complex interrelationships on the one hand, the loose, unconventional language of bloggers and the speed of the Internet on the other. That’s a big fat yes– finance and blogs do go together, and very well at that. Why? Because with complex topics like money and finance, it’s all about providing quick and reliable information and analysis on markets, products and investment trends. That’s where blogs can score points over the traditional financial and economic press, because blogs have so much scope for direct dialogue and interactivity.

What are the criteria that make a “good” financial blog? And why is this sort of blog still mainly an “insider tip”? What has to happen before these blogs can emerge from their digital niche in Germany and start sparking debate – like they do in the US blogosphere? This is the topic for discussion by renowned experts at this year’s re:publica. Then following the panel discussion, the winners of the 2012 financial blog award will be announced.

A panel presented in cooperation with comdirect.