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Eco-journalism: a new approach to Nigerian news?

“Vitally important eco-journalism in Nigeria has not yet taken full advantage of the power of online media,” says Tunde Akingbade, one of Nigeria’s leading environmental journalists. “eco j-hub will radically transform the way Nigerian journalists research, publish news and gain global impact for their work.”

eco j-hub is an international partnership between Goethe Institut (Lagos, Nigeria), XMLab (Saarbruecken, Germany), Sourcefabric (Prague, Czech Republic) and Pixelchiefs (Berlin, Germany). This panel brings together its organisers, plus three of Nigeria’s top journalists and bloggers to ask the question: what is eco-journalism? Can it provide a model for both reporting and journalism training in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa?



Soenke Zehle
Researcher. Believer in environmental justice. Longtime involvement in the collaborative conceptualization and implementation of net.cultural projects, including the international ‘J-Hub’

Michael Ilesanmi (skype)
Michael Ilesanmi is an award-winning development journalist and communicator, passionate about ICT, environment, business, health, international & online journalism.

Quirin Pils
Founder of pixelchiefs, full service internet and media agency aiming world domination out of Berlin. Working with Internet technologies since 1998. Loves the planet.

Azenarh Mohammed (skype)
Nigerian social media journalist, commentator, blogger and star. Bad poetry lover, horse enthusiast, food addict, adrenaline junkie.

Jan Tretschok
Filmmaker and producer. Director of the Video Lab at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar. Longtime involvement in international media training and visual literacy projects.

Japheth J. Omojuwa (skype)
has a passion for people, places and phenomena. The curator of omojuwa.com who has his hands on everything that moves in the direction of people empowerment.

Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas is the Communications Manager at Sourcefabric. His fields of interest include open source, newsroom technologies, digital publishing and the future of radio.