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ARD – is moving forward after all

On the internet, the ARD offers information, knowledge and entertainment through very different websites – from tagesschau.de over “Planet Schule” to “Tatort”. On the re:publica, the ARD will present selected online specials and multimedia projects.

For example, the ARD web reporters, the media centers, the transmedia-storytelling project “Alpha 07” – a story that is told via a TV, blogs, radio play and other elements. In addition, the new interactive Tatort from Ludwigshafen and the “Rundshow.TV” concepts from the Bayerischer Rundfunk will be presented. The editorial stuff of the tagesschau.de will present its interactive offerings and their well-known App.

On the web, the offerings of ARD are bound to legal restrictions. The ARD got its own Channel on YouTube. But why is it not possible to embed all ARD videos? On the media centers of the ARD, a lot of programmes and video clips are available on demand- though they disappear after seven days. Why? The editors of the ARD will present selected programme projects and will try to give an inside to the general framework of their editorial work.

Also on the panel are:
Bettina Fächer, SWR Online
Anna Stadelmann, ARD Online
Björn Szostak, ARD Online
Roman Schmelter, ARD-aktuell NDR
Melanie Wolber, Tatort-Redaktion SWR
Marion Dilg, SWR Online
Richard Gutjahr, Rundshow TV
Daniel Fiene, Rundshow TV

A talk presented in cooperation with ARD.