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Media Evolution / Sweden

#rp12 –Tip

Media Evolution / Sweden This weekend sees the start of re:campaign, one of our partner conferences which we really think you should check out. And here another tip, a bit further away but still utterly worth checking out: Media Evolution, 22 – 23 August 2012, Malmö, […] Read entry

re:visit re:campaign

re:campaign guest contribution

re:visit re:campaign Twitter and Facebook are fuelling changes in the Arab world and images out of Syria reach us in forms of shaky YouTube videos. The controversial “Kony 2012” video motivates millions of click-activists to track down a mass murderer and becomes[…] Read entry

You on #rp12

You on #rp12 A first barometer of public opinion has reached us and we wish for more! Please send us your posts, pictures and videos - we will read them all! E-Mail or leave a comment! The barometer of public opinion […] Read entry


AWESOME ACT!ON It’s been great! A big thank you to you all for being here, to all our partners for their support, and to the whole #rp12 team: awesome ACT!ON! In our photo album you can already find some images of those who were here, who spoke, and made i[…] Read entry

raumlaborberlin: people meet mobile furniture

raumlaborberlin: people meet mobile furniture Our mobile Monoblocs are moving about the STATION. The idea for the floating chairs comes from our designers raumlaborberlin, who also developed and created the room concepts for #rp12. If you find a chair you like, take it with you for €25,- […] Read entry