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Twitter and Facebook are fuelling changes in the Arab world and images out of Syria reach us in forms of shaky YouTube videos. The controversial “Kony 2012” video motivates millions of click-activists to track down a mass murderer and becomes a viral phenomenon. Germany has seen the rise of the Piratenpartei, a new political party representing internet-based cultural values such as authenticity, transparency and civil engagement. Web 2.0 is becoming mainstream as well as a powerful catalyst for political participation and protest movements.

The Berlin-based conference re:campaign aims to support these developments and will present the “best campaigns on the net”. Its target groups are NGOs, charities, foundations, and other actors in the social awareness sectors. On 11 and 12 May 2012, the Berlin Kalkscheune venue will host international campaigners and internet experts who will talk about the current developments and opportunities of online campaigns as well as social media and its power in promoting social and ecological issues.

A selection of speakers and themes:

Dr Duncan Green (Oxfam Great Britain): How citizens can overcome poverty using ICT for development

Joana Breidenbach (betterplace lab) and Anja Adler (Mercator Foundation): Liken, Sharen, Crowdfunden – Wie Online-Trends den Stiftungssektor verändern

Mike Pauli (Greenpeace): Herausforderungen des Medienwandels für die Organisationsentwicklung
 Myriel Balzer (Phoenix Game Design): Das Potenzial von Spiel und Spielmechanismen für Kampagnen und deren Design
Maike Gosch (Drehbuchautorin) und Julius van de Laar (Kampagnenberater): Developing a Narrative – Storytelling in Kampagnen

Featuring 3 keynote speeches and 15 workshops, the re:campaign 2012 offers up-to-date and tangible knowledge of the Web 2.0, for social actors and activists. An Open Space will be made available, which can be used to have individual questions answered by experts, while on the second day of the conference participants can present and discuss their own themes and ideas through the Barcamp format.

An overview of the conference content.

Around 350 guests are expected at the Berlin Kalkscheune. Organisers of re:campaign 2012 are Oxfam Deutschland, Agentur Nest, newthinking communications and the events series Socialbar. The aim of the organisers is to broaden access to and knowledge on the theme of online campaigning, which is already firmly established in the USA and Great Britain.

re:campaign contact Daniel Kruse.