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raumlaborberlin: people meet mobile furniture


Our mobile Monoblocs are moving about the STATION. The idea for the floating chairs comes from our designers raumlaborberlin, who also developed and created the room concepts for #rp12. If you find a chair you like, take it with you for €25,- – just head over to the re:publica booth. It can even be delivered to your home. More info on this in our blog post.

The seating area, in the midst of the re:publica square offers a chilled-out area to hang with others, a bit of a view, and place to charge your devices.

The booths manned by our event partners offer plenty of space but are designed to remain open and accessible.

The Open Space, situated on the top floor, offers an area to present your ideas and start some ACT!ON with others. raumlaborberlin created specially designed tables to serve as work stations.

Even the lecterns for our speakers were specially built by raumlaborberlin for re:publica. They are light, mobile, and practical, as well as a perfect space for our ACT!ON posters.